Drew Petrie

He’s known as “Magic Legs” during our softball games because of his speedy form, which is more than likely from being young and Alaska Rivers Company playing soccer throughout high school. From Anchorage, Drew also grew up fishing and playing on the Kenai Peninsula with his cousin Mike. Once we found out how big of an influence Mike was on sweet Drew, we thought it best to hire him as one of our boatmen. We wanted the rest of the Alaska River Company crew to have a chance to make sure he grows up to become a normal adult with a fishing and rafting problem. Apparently Drew can ski and do fancy tricks on hard metal objects pretty well. He will be going on the competitive ski circuit in the winter of 2012. He really enjoys going fast down a hill on long fat sticks in the snow, but backwards, and then jumping and sliding down metal rails with an occasional flip. Doesn’t everyone?