New Energy & Bright Future

In 2016 long time managers Erik & Cory Route purchased Alaska Rivers Company. Combined they have 25 years of experience in guided fishing, guided rafting, hiking and managing Alaska Rivers Company on the Upper Kenai River.

The Founding Principles of Alaska Rivers Company

In 1974, a young adventurous Gary Galbraith acquired pristine acreage on the upper Kenai River, where he thought it to be the most beautiful place in the world. At that time, he joined just two others, Bill Wright and Bruce Nelson, who offered both rafting and guided fishing on the upper river in Cooper Landing. Gary founded Alaska Rivers Company on the principle of striving to enrich people’s lives by providing outstanding adventure experiences. His principals for operating emphasized not tarnishing ones surrounding environment while enjoying it. He pushed the importance of eco-tourism in day-to-day operations, which is quite visible when visiting the private grounds of Alaska Rivers Company. His greenhouse and garden feed the staff and clientele throughout the season; he made recycling and conservation mainstream, and Leave No Trace Behind principles were practiced and encouraged on all hikes and trips.  The river front cabins were all hand built and are authentic log construction. Gary also believed in giving back to our community. He made sure that ARC was a strong supporter of local businesses and he strived to purchase from our local vendors first and made sure to support our local community social services and organizations.