Types of Fishing

For fishing for trout you would want a 6-10 ft. Line weight 8-15 lb fast to medium action rod.  You will want strong line minimum 8 lb test.  We recommend strong 10-15 lb mono or 15-30 lb braided line.  You can then tie on a lighter weight fluorocarbon 2-4 foot long leader.  For salmon fishing you will want a 7-9 ft. Line weight 15-30 lb medium to heavy action rod.  Strong line is key to not losing as many fish and as much tackle.  Salmon reek havoc on equipment.  We recommend 20 to 50 lb test line, and a inexpensive back up rod and reel set.  Nothing ruins your day like snapping a rod (which happens frequently salmon fishing) and then having to carve one out of an alder while you watch your friends slay fish. Make sure you check the fishing regulations for restrictions and rules.
Fly Fishing
For trout fishing on the Kenai River a 9-11 ft. 5-7wt. rod with floating line is standard.  Sink tip lines have been used successfully also.  For Salmon fishing you will want a 8-10 wt. rod with floating or sink tip line depending upon where you are fishing.  If you have two spools or reels one with floating line and one with sink tip it makes for an easy transition.  If you can only bring one rod for all species a 7 wt. is very universal.  For large bodies of water like the Kenai River Center-pin and Spey fishing can be productive.  For surrounding creeks and lakes in the area a 4 wt can be super fun.  Check the fishing regulations for restrictions and rules.
There is nothing like the quiet solitude of going with the flow.  Drift fishing can be done in drift boats which can be aluminium, fiberglass, or wood and are powered by an oarsman or woman. You fish while you float.   This is the best way to have fishing success on the Upper Kenai River and it allows you to access alot more water and bank fishing locations.  Check the fishing regulations for restrictions and rules.
The Upper Kenai River and its tributaries can have some good bank fishing opportunities depending upon the water levels.  The best way to access bank fishing is with the use of a drift boat. The do it yourself-er can find plenty of bank fishing spots if they are patient and prepared for the Alaskan Wilderness (remember when you step out of your car in the majority of places on the Upper Kenai you are entering the wilds). Don’t forget bug spray rain gear and a good attitude.  Check the fishing regulations for restrictions and rules.