Peak Fishing Seasons

June 11 to
July 1
Primarily rainbow and dolly fishing on half day fishing trips. Full Day and Canyon fishing trips get you into productive bank fishing for sockeye salmon, and allow time for trout and dolly fishing.
July 1st to
August 1
Primarily trout and dollies for the first half of the month and then sockeye salmon fishing when the run arrives. Sockeye Salmon arrive by the 10s of thousands during this month.  Full Day fishing or Canyon fishing maximize your fishing experience.
August 1st to
August 15
Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing is getting better by the day on the Upper Kenai River. Sockeye salmon fishing on the Upper Kenai River is very productive during the first half of the month depending upon the timing and strength of the run.
August 15 to
October 15
Hot time of the summer for fishing on the Upper Kenai! Sockeye salmon are spawning in force and the egg bite is on! During this time of the year, most fishermen are catching large numbers of Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. Depending upon the strength of the run, Silver Salmon fishing is also possible on the Upper Kenai River.