Types of Fish Species on the Kenai River

Rainbow Trout
Truly our favorite fish to catch, photograph and release. These native resident fish are amazing fighters and all different colors and patterns. They are in the river system all season long.
(Sockeye) Salmon
Sockeye salmon are the life blood of the Kenai River drainage. Red salmon are the most abundant meat fish not only for humans but multitudes of wildlife. They feed the food chain all the way from the eggs they release to the millions of dead salmon carcasses in the fall. Sockeye fishing is almost exclusively done from the shore as a bank fishery.
Silver (CoHo)
The Crazy Coho! Silvers show up in late august and you can find silver action throughout the fall. A very rambunctious fish who loves to jump when hooked.
Dolly Varden
(Arctic Char)
These native resident fish are beautiful brightly spotted fighters. They live in the same places and eat the same things as rainbow trout. In the fall they are ready to spawn and boy do they put on the make-up! Dollies make for great catch photograph and releasing.
Pink (Humpy)
Pink salmon come into the Kenai River in force every even year. They can be super fun to catch and have really unique colors. They are not prized for their meat when they enter fresh water.
King (Chinook) Salmon
The world famous Kenai King Salmon! Reaching weights up to 90 plus lbs. these are a very unique species. They are fully protected on the Upper Kenai River to protect them in their spawning grounds. Due to decline of these amazing fish in the last few years the rest of the Kenai River is mainly managed as catch and release for Kings. Remember to always check the fishing regulations.