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Let us put it this simply. We have kids. We love playing with our kids. We strongly believe in supporting our local schools. If your school or youth organization is looking for a fun, educational activity to do for a field trip or adjunct to a summer camp, we are just the company for you. Alaska Rivers Company provides youth group Alaska Float Trips for schools or organizations. Each spring and fall ARC takes schools and youth organizations from around the state down the river, teaching them about water safety, the history and culture, the plants, fauna, wildlife and geology found in Cooper Landing and on the Kenai Peninsula. We work with all ages, from the little pipsqueaks up to teens. Some of our clients include Camp Fire Alaska Council – Camp Kushtaka, YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, Trailside Discovery, AFS, most schools on the Kenai Peninsula including most recently Homer Elementary, Soldotna Elementary, Hope, Moose Pass and Cooper Landing School. Give us a call and we will work with your school or organization to make a fun, safe and educational experience for today’s youth!

Alaska Rivers Company offers:

  • Group discounts for groups over 10 and weekly stays in our cabins.
  • Experience guides who understand and support the needs of children, parents, counselors…and teachers.
  • Media Free Excursions (GASP! What no cell phones? Kids are actually looking up and around!)
  • Numerous activities to choose from that cater to groups located or coming to Cooper Landing, no matter what size or age.
  • Guides who offer flexibility for first timers to “experts” in fishing.