Help! What do I wear? What should I bring?

First time in coming to Alaska? It can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to pack for your Alaskan adventure.  We hope that your trip to Alaska will be sunny and warm and look like all the wonderful pictures you see of people hanging out in shorts and short sleeves, but that may not happen and we’d like to make sure you are prepared properly for potential inclement weather.  If you come set up for cooler weather then, Murphy’s’ laws says it will be nice weather, right?

Here is a list of important items we suggest you bring for your trip.

  • Good high quality rain gear both top and bottom.  Breathable waterproof rain gear will make a world of difference in your outdoor adventures.
  • Warm wool or poly-pro type of socks.  Bring multiple pairs.
  • Stocking hat.  Even in July we can have temperatures in the mornings be down into the 30’s F.
  • Fleece gloves
  • Rain Hat
  • Multiple warm layers. (Cotton is not recommended, if it gets wet, it stays wet… and then cold)  Ex. fleece jacket, polyester long johns, warm long sleeve shirts.
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Sunscreen.  When the sun does come out remember we have long days, so you are exposed for longer periods of time. Folks can be surprised on how intense the sun can be and surprised at the burn they have by the end of the day.
  • Bug spray.  We have biting bugs all summer long and if your bug spray doesn’t have some deet in it, it doesn’t work.
  • Comfortable hiking boots or shoes.  Alaska abounds in wonderful hiking, you want a comfortable hiking shoe that you have already broken in.  It is no fun to find out on your once in a lifetime trip that those new boots you bought just gave you a killer blister.
  •  Knee high rubber boots. (ex. Extratufs  or La Crosse)  You can get by without these but they sure can come in handy for fishing on the shore, walking in wet grass, a muddy river bank, or on an ocean fishing boat etc.  There is a reason almost every Alaskan owns a quality pair of rubber boots.
  • House shoes.  a comfortable pair of crocs, keens, slippers, etc. will be a welcome addition to your feet after an awesome day enjoying Alaska.

To conclude, pack your cold weather gear so you are prepared for anything, and that includes short sleeve shirts, and shorts to enjoy our sunny weather too!